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We Think Outside The Box

At Rosen Law LLC, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to cases. Success starts with an informed, analytical dive into the legal issues surrounding every case.

Strategic Legal Services Throughout The Five Boroughs

Who We Are

At Rosen Law LLC, we strive to go above and beyond the duties of an average law firm. We have a singular vision: to maintain a strategic partnership with our clients. In other words, our mission is to be your private general counsel and to work directly with our clients every step of the way.

Why do we place so much emphasis on our relationships with our clients? We believe in working with the clients to analyze every situation on an individual basis, and then we create a unique, efficient plan that will help our clients achieve their goals. That process requires three core elements: a strong familiarity with the law, experience within the appropriate area of the law and a thoughtful approach to our clients’ needs.

Photo of Rosen Law LLC's office building
Photo of Rosen Law LLC's office building
Photo of Rosen Law LLC's office building

Preparation Is Key To Every Case

We look at every transaction and every litigation case with “what if” scenarios. We analyze and look at every angle of a case or transaction so that we have answers if “this happens” or “that happens” or “if something unforeseen occurs.” We pride ourselves on using our own many years of “what if” analysis strategy.

Our attorneys are admitted to practice law in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Georgia. We have significant experience in vast areas of the law, including FLSA issues, employment litigation and probate disputes. Our diverse experience allows us to approach every case or transaction from a position of knowledge and special insight. We can provide intelligent advice to help you avoid legal issues, save money, and ensure your projects and objectives are successful.

Free Resource

Spotting Title Issues With Our Complimentary Report: “Hidden Danger: 7 Unforeseen Title Issues That Could Ruin Your Real Estate Purchase”

How can you avoid property title issues in a real estate transaction? While the help of a competent lawyer is key, you should also familiarize yourself with many of the common title problems that could arise during a sale. With that in mind, our free report covers:

  • Advice for commercial and residential real estate buyers
  • Common problems associated with property titles
  • The dangers of failing to uncover potential issues
  • And more

Speak With An Innovative Attorney

Photo of Rosen Law LLC's office building
Photo of Rosen Law LLC's office building

The only reason to use an attorney, period, is for people like Gary Rosen. He is the best!

Rosen Law LLC defended us in a fair labor standards act lawsuit, saving us what could have been a multimillion-dollar judgment against us by reaching a fast resolute settlement for a nominal amount of money.

Rosen Law LLC is aggressive and tenacious. We’re glad they worked for us.